Save Enfield Museum and Archives

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Enfield Council is 'consulting' on proposals to a) move the Enfield Museum from the ground to the first floor of the Dugdale Centre, and b) digitise the archives and dispense with the services of most of the staff attached to the collection.

Very many people are vehemently opposed to both proposals.

With regard to the Museum, the proposal ignores the fact that people love to wander around the entrance area of the Dugdale Centre and access the latest Museum exhibition casually that way, as well as making it a deliberate destination. The ground floor is also much more easily accessible.

With regard to the Archives, however efficiently and quickly the archives are digitised, there is no substitute whatever for the helpfulness and experience of staff, who can point users to relevant documents and supplement the records with their own knowledge. Moreover, putting the archives online deprives people who do not have computer access of use of the documents, deprives people who may or may not have computer access of the opportunity to browse among and even handle physical documents, and deprives everyone of a heritage venue and resource that are unique to the Borough.

The savings from the proposals are minuscule - 56p per person in the Borough per year - not to mention probably being eclipsed by the cost of putting all the archives online.

We earnestly request the Councillors to respect the replies to the online questionnaire on the proposals and not just pay lip service to consultation.

Unless the Council is determined to make philistines of all of us, we suggest that both proposals be dropped (although you could archive them for future generations to mock).

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