No stunts with any NON-HUMAN Living beings in Fear Factor Khatron ke khiladi on 'Colors'

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In every season of Fear Factor Khatron ke khiladi, it is seen that non-human living beings (vertebrates, reptiles, insects, arthropods, flies, birds) are being exploited in your stunts as the stunts are being performed with them, also contestants lying within or on them. These animals are thus being hurt while handling them and even mishandling has been seen in this season in the beginner stunt where Tina Dutta ; one of the contestant in season 7 has thrown the snake after taking it out from a box and Arjun Kapoor ; the host of this season 7 can be seen holding the snake from the neck.

Even in this new season 8. Animals are still being used in most of the stunts. Snakes were being picked up with mouths so won't they get hurt with their teeth? . Contestants were being laid in leeches, other reptiles and worms so won't they get hurt or killed during the stunt, getting out of them while standing and when being removed from the body abruptly and thrown on the floor ? Tiger was being used which have been tamed. Poison of scorpions and snakes was being removed which is not natural. One of the reason animals are being tamed and poison being removed is that they are being used in stunts. Rats were being used in stunt in which contestants were holding them with their tails or body? Bees were being stored in a large vessel, so they would had been collected by destroying their habitat and what would had be done after the stunt, probably be destroyed? In one stunt many different dead sea animals were being used in large extent, probably they were being killed for the stunt or even if they were being purchased for the stunt then they have been wasted and for other humans consumption more animals would be killed. Snakes are being held with their heads inside the contestants mouth. There are many more such stunts. Although Rohit Shetty was seen being saying; 'Don't hurt animals, Handle with care' to the contestants. If he actually cares about animals he shouldn't use animals for his stunts. Why to disturb animals for ur stunts. Can't we let them live peacefully in their natural habitat rather than disturbing them while handling them and setting your stunts and then making the contestants perform stunts involving them? Would u care enough for the worms or arthropods being stepped on and being? You would be giving more importance to a human life if anything wrong happens rather than their? All lives are equally important. 

 As such programs give encouragement to these people who keep animals in confinement for their whole life and being mistreated and abused to become tame. They belong to wild and to live free.