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mark schmanke started this petition to U.S. House of Representatives and

I have been serving this 20 YEAR Federal Sentence for a 10,000 Mail Fraud conviction since 1987. The U.S.Parole Commission has extended the sentence ILLEGALLY to a 24 year sentence.  The guidelines for this sentence is 34-44 months.  I have spent more than 12 years in prison and 10 years on parole, the Parole Commission takes all good time upon parole so the actual good time earned on any sentence is illusory, as it does not shorten a sentence in any way. The Sentencing Guidelines for this sentence are 34-46 months. Under their rules, they can extend this sentence to any length, thus I am serving a life sentence at the whim or caprice of the Parole Commission

Another ironic twist in the Amazing US Parole Commission activity:


This monster serves 10 years on a 50 year sentence for kidnapping and rape and is released by the US Parole Commission.  This same Agency and their parole supervisors keep me imprisoned more than 20 years for an alleged 10,000 Mail Fraud, labeling me a danger to society.


Now the Chairman, Isaac Fulwood states:

"Isaac Fulwood Jr., chairman of the U.S. Parole Commission, said that not having a job is akin to a substance abuse problem or losing contact with a parole or probation officer. A former police chief, Fulwood said unemployment is one of several factors that can result in a parolee being tethered to a Global Positioning System tracking device as a deterrent to criminal behavior.

"I'm certain that if you don't have a job and you have no income, you're going to do what it takes to eat," said Fulwood, whose job is to send those who re-offend back to prison."


I, on the other hand have been self-employed for more than 14 years and yet am still under the illegal supervision of this tyrannical agency, whose only goal is to extend their job life so that they can collect their pensions, and enhance their retirement bonuses, on the backs of taxpayers! All of these leeches of society need to be re-assigned to some job which does not include the supervision of people who are doing their best to rid themselves of the social stigma of a federal conviction.   

Just an update my friends:
This is a quote from Attorney General Holder yesterday:
"Another important element of strengthening civil rights is to ensure fairness in the administration of the criminal laws. The Department firmly believes that our criminal and sentencing laws must be tough, predictable, fair, and free from unwarranted racial and ethnic disparities. Public trust and confidence are essential elements of an effective criminal justice system – our laws and their enforcement must not only be fair, but they must also be perceived as fair. The perception of unfairness undermines governmental authority in the criminal justice process . This Administration is committed to reviewing criminal justice issues to ensure that our law enforcement officers and prosecutors have the tools they need to combat crime and ensure public safety, while simultaneously working to root out any unwarranted and unintended disparities in the criminal justice process that may exist." 
     After serving more than 12 years in prison and 10 years on parole for a $10,000 NON-VIOLENT Mail Fraud conviction which, under our Sentencing Guidelines only calls for a 34-44 month sentence, I and my entire family feel like poster children for the duplicity existing in this government. If, as Attorney General Holder states, this administration is going to focus on the "fair administration" of justice, when can I expect this activity to begin.
     You must admit, as a citizen of the United States, that spending more than 12 years in prison for a $10,000 fraud charge, when Donte Stallworth gets probation for killing someone, is a disparity unlike any I have ever seen.
     The pardon office has my Petition for Commutation of Sentence, The US Parole Commission has my petition for Termination of this sentence, and the Washington Post has begun detailing the actions of this Agency regarding the improper way they handled at least one case... http://www.evri.com/media/article?entity_uri=%2Forganization%2Funited-states-parole-commission-0x51d59&page=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingtonpost.com%2Fwp-dyn%2Fcontent%2Farticle%2F2009%2F06%2F05%2FAR2009060503576.html&title=Parole+Actions+By+Gonzales%2C+Commission+Are+Faulted
      If this Agency's sole aim is to perpetuate already unjust sentences just to justify their continued employment and retirement benefits then the call for this office to investigate the Parole Commissions actions in extending my 20 year sentence, to 24 years has come.
      I urge you to bring this matter to the attention of not only the President, but Vice President Biden.  I also ask that a special investigation be conducted into Commissioner Reilly's personal actions in my case.  Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Kind Regards,
Mark W. Schmanke

Another Update:

     In last evenings mail I received a response from the US Parole Commission, signed by the newly appointed Commissioner, ISAAC FULWOOD. 

"The Commission is not required to terminate supervision at any point in your sentence and a number of factors will be considered including how well you have done under supervision, the recommendation of your US Probation Officer and the nature of your criminal history, to name a few. If you are denied early termination next November, your case will be reviewed annually until you are terminated or your full term date is reached."



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This petition had 54 supporters

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