End the Federal Prohibition of the Cannabis Plant.

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End the Federal Prohibition of the Cannabis Plant.

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The DEAs number one argument to why Cannabis should not be reclassified, or even reconsidered for debate, is that, they claim "Marijuana has no accepted medical use in the United States and lacks an acceptable level of safety for use even under medical supervision."


However, there is far more evidence and a growing body of scientific information that suggests the exact opposite... The science is there and the answer is clear but our world "leaders" simply will not accept the facts. This is detrimental to our society and creates crime!

The vast majority of health and science institutes are in agreement, Cannabis DOES have medicinal uses, among others, and a lot more research is required. The DEAs anti-Cannabis policies are a huge obstacle to this necessary sound scientific research.

In recent years a few small, yet fundamental, studies have been conducted on the Cannabis plant and it's impact on Human health. Unfortunately any research that comes out in favor of the Cannabis plant is blatantly disregarded by the federal government on almost ALL levels...

But the core of this argument isn't about politics, it's about a very basic Human Right.


Honestly, how on Earth can growing or consuming a plant be considered a crime?

Any "substance" that has 'natural origins', such as a plant, should not be classified as a "controlled substance" as it is provided to us by the Earth. Plants are amazing living organisms that grow and live naturally in the soils of our planet. They are an integral aspect of our planets existence.

Plants are our natural resources, which every being on Earth has a Right to utilize. No person or group of persons has a right to restrict another person from growing or consuming a plant. Laws and violent prohibitive policies aimed at doing so is inhumane, unconstitutional and is a direct violation of our divine Human Rights.

The Prohibition of the Cannabis plant implements ideological legislation on the appetite of man. This type of legislation is a direct violation of our divine natural Right to grow and consume plants. Prohibition of the Cannabis plant is a direct violation of our Divine Natural Human Rights and is unconstitutional in every aspect of its policy.

The enforcement of this radical agenda was originally setup by our nations "drug control organizations" and eventually spear headed by the DEA, which aimed to completely eradicate the Cannabis plant from the face of our planet.

Who gave these people the authority to completely wipe out an entire plant species, simply because they don't like it?

Cannabis prohibition creates a crime of things that are not crimes and bestows criminal charges upon non-violent tax-paying citizens, merely for growing or consuming a plant.

Problems and Solutions:

There are many arguments against the acceptance of this plant. However there are also just as many logical and common sense solutions to these arguments.

When it comes to public safety and prevention of drug abuse in our youth, there are already sensible laws and policies in place that help encourage our youth to focus on expanding their knowledge and learning.

For instance, age and location based limitations on alcohol use helps keep the drug out of the hands of our youth.

We also already have laws in place that govern the prevention and prosecution of violent and/or unacceptable behavior.

If these basic logical laws are not violated and no person or persons are harmed, then there is no crime.

Any further prevention should be conducted by good parenting.

It is unnecessary to criminalize the use of a plant and govern the appetite of our fellow men and women. Only the actions of the individual who chooses to utilize the plant should be judged or punished if said actions are in clear violation of the laws that govern youth prevention and violent or unacceptable behavior.

We do not have laws that govern the appetite of other organisms on our planet. We do not go around creating legislation restricting what types of plants and food other animals can and cannot consume, simply because we don't like a particular plant or particular food. So why then, do we have laws that govern the appetite of our own species in this manner? You cannot govern a beings appetite. It's a clear violation of Human Rights and infringes on our Liberty and Sovereignty.

It's disgusting, to say the least, that any group of people would try to govern our natural rights, granted to us by the very Earth we walk on, and forcibly induce the extinction of a plant species...

It's absolutely pathetic that we even have to have a discussion about what we can or cannot put into our own bodies and who's allowed to create laws that determine which substances people, We the People, can and cannot consume.

I believe in natural Human Rights and Sovereignty. It is also a strong belief of mine, that each and every person on Earth also feels entitled to these rights, in some way. This is my body; that is your body. As long as what I do to or put into my body doesn't harm anyone else, it's not a crime. Attempting to control an individual's appetite by suggesting that consuming and/or growing a plant is a crime, equal to that of a violent crime, or even a crime at all, is quite an extreme form of control and completely unnecessary. Again, prohibition is unconstitutional and violates our Human Rights.

If the violation of our basic Human Rights isn't enough to curve your opinion on prohibition, perhaps the billions upon billions of tax dollars that are wasted every year enforcing the prohibition of the Cannabis plant alone will. Under the prohibition of the Cannabis plant policies (and after decades of said prohibition and trillions of tax-payer dollars later) Cannabis is easier for kids to obtain than alcohol.

Alcohol is legal, regulated and taxed.

Alcohol, in contrast as a widely consumed substance, is far more dangerous to Human health and public safety than Cannabis ever could be or ever has been. Alcohol is lethal. There has never been a recorded death in the history of man-kind from a Cannabis overdose. Cannabis is not lethal, in any amount. And yet, alcohol, while potentially deadly, is widely used, socially acceptable, and in many instances even celebrated.

Prohibition of the Cannabis plant has also acquired an extremely violent criminal market run by numerous international "cartels". These violent organizations tap into this market because the phenomenal demand for Cannabis creates invigorating profits.

The illegality of the Cannabis plant also inherently makes it extremely dangerous to cultivate and provide safely. Because of this prohibitively inherited production risk, it drives prices for the substance up, very sharply. This familiar process (remember alcohol prohibition?) literally fuels the merry-go-round drug trade the "War on Drugs" was sent out to eliminate... These criminal organizations are becoming extremely wealthy because of this counterproductive system we have allowed to continue and are arming them-selves with military grade weaponry to defend their crops.

And yet, still to this day, our law enforcement agencies waste valuable resources and millions upon millions of tax dollars targeting non-violent consumers, locking them up in cages as if they were violent criminals. Placing a criminal background on tax-paying, otherwise law-abiding citizens, for merely possessing a small amount of Cannabis; Rendering them incompatible in the work force and eliminating any hope of access to publicly funded education; Creating criminals out of contributing citizens; All while thousands of violent, greed-born crimes, committed by non-taxpaying, non-contributing, spawns of prohibition go unsolved and in many instances, unseen by the weary public eye.

In many ways the situations we are in now with regard to the prohibition of the Cannabis plant, mirrors the prohibition of alcohol almost identically. The only differences being, there is a notable increase in the impact on society and individuals lives and much larger sums of money are being wasted on the "War on Drugs".

The Plant:

The Cannabis plant is a 100% natural substance that grows from the Earth. More specifically, it's an annual, dieocious, flowering herb. For thousands of years people have utilized this amazing plant for its many benefits as a renewable manufacturing resource, therapeutic and recreational substance, food, and even as medicine. This living organism has had its roots tied to the Earth long before the first Human could even stand upright.

The Cannabis plant is an amazingly complex plant. It is not something that can be accurately synthesized in a lab with chemicals.

When consumed as food the Cannabis plant (aka Hemp) is an extremely healthy alternative to many of the very important nutrients, proteins and vitamins we require in our diet. It's one of the only "perfect natural foods" very rarely found in nature that can provide complete nutrition for Human beings.

Hemp contains an amazing balance that cannot be found in any other plant-based protein.

Hemp protein contains all eight of the 'life essential' amino acids that our bodies require but cannot make on their own. Although it is not the only plant protein with this quality, it more consistently retains these biological properties, is more readily available and much more, that make it stand out and above other plant proteins, and quite possibly even non-plant proteins.

Hemp protein contains an almost perfect balance of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) Omega-3 and -6, a high content of fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

With such a complete ratio of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins it seems almost too good to be true! To top it off, the Cannabis plant is 100% renewable and can be a completely sustainable source of complete human nutrition, manufacturing, and even a source of fuel!

Cannabis also turns out to be a very efficient building material that is completely renewable, sustainable, and 100% eco-friendly...

When broken down into its basic chemical forms the Cannabis plant also becomes one of the best medicines on the planet.

Contrary to popular belief, the Cannabis plant has much to offer us. Recent studies have begun to shed some light on the specifics of this amazing plant through the rigorous and necessary scientific processes.

For more specific information on the Cannabis plant please visit - 

∙∙∙ http://thcalliance.webstarts.com/index.html

∙∙∙ http://www.hemporium.com/

∙∙∙ http://www.hempproteinguide.com/

∙∙∙ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis

It's high time that we, as advanced, intelligent, living organisms on this planet show some respect and interact with other living organisms in a renewable and prosperous manner...

A couple quotes from two of the greatest leaders of our Nation! -

"Prohibition. . . goes beyond the bound of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded"

- Abraham Lincoln

"Make the most of the Hemp seed and sow it everywhere."

- George Washington

Please take a minute to visit the following links to learn more about the Cannabis plant prohibition and what you can do to help share this knowledge and change the laws preventing Humans from utilizing this amazing plant - 

∙∙∙ http://norml.org/

∙∙∙ http://www.drugpolicy.org/

∙∙∙ http://stopthedrugwar.org/

∙∙∙ http://www.phoenixtears.ca

Thank you very much for your time and consideration! 




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