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This is a petition to end puppy mills, places where dogs are overbred and kept in horrific conditions for a quick profit for the owner. These facilities are horrendous and cause over 1,000,000 dog deaths a year. Its time to end this cruelty, before it's too late.

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
It is time to end the unimaginable cruelty in puppy mills. Puppy mills are mass breeding facilities where many dogs are over bred in horrific conditions for a quick profit. These dogs are then sold to the public via pet stores or through the internet. Although the animal welfare act was passed in 1966, which established regulations on puppy mills, it was not enough to end the cruelty, and because of the loopholes in the laws, puppy mills are thriving. In order to stop the cruelty, we must revise our laws and eliminate loopholes. We must change these laws before it's too late for millions of dogs.
Please consider proposing legislation to help the dogs.

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