End Period Poverty. Period!

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End Period Poverty. Period!

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Video produced by Channel 4 News, December 2016 https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/videos/10154375174971939/?pnref=story

Paula Sherriff MP, Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, explained to Parliament this month that "Periods are an annoyance for every menstruating woman but for homeless women they are far more than that. Sanitary products are simply unaffordable for thousands living on the streets, an issue raised by the campaign the Homeless Period".

We agree. And we want to change that. 

Periods are annoying on a good day. But they are a whole lot more difficult to deal with when you don't have a home or a bathroom or funds for sanitary products. That's the reality for THOUSANDS of homeless women everyday. But there's something we can do to change that. Period. 

Sanitary products are kind of difficult to come by. Homeless shelters do not always provide them and the few public bathrooms that offer them, do so at a price. We are calling on Procter & Gamble, the multinational consumer goods company that produces ‘Always’ sanitary pads and ‘Tampax’ tampons, to uphold their self-proclaimed 'responsibility charter' by changing this. Now. We want them to donate a small but REALLY important proportion of their sanitary products to homeless shelters across the United Kingdom: a programme that would benefit so many vulnerable people.

It’s not just a matter of dignity; it’s a matter of necessity.

P&G already have an amazing donation system in place. We want this to be their next passion: their next BIG change. They claim to accept projects that (a) provide poorer families with everyday essentials or (b) improve hygiene education. We think that The Homeless Period Project does both pretty damn effectively.

I started the petition to end the tampon tax, and together, with over 300,000 signatures, we convinced the Government to scrap the VAT on sanitary products. If enough people sign this petition we could help the most vulnerable people this winter, too.

Paula Sherriff MP gained the support of Parliament in December 2016 when she raised this campaign in Parliament. So, P&G, now it's time we hear your thoughts. Procter and Gamble (P&G), please support the homeless on their period and uphold your social responsibility charter by donating a small but significant proportion of sanitary products to UK homeless shelters.

P&G already funds some amazing projects, such as the Keep Girls in Schools programme, supported by ‘Always’. Let’s secure the ‘Homeless Period’ project as their next!

Laura x 
Tampon Tax girl

Feel free to email P&G to get this campaign approved ASAP: mediateam.im@pg.com



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This petition had 82,920 supporters

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