Stop Enbridge from enabling SCAMS and FRAUD

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My mother and various other homeowners have fallen victim to scams by fraudulent organizations such as Ontario Home Services and Utilebill.

Canvassers from these companies will approach homeowners and mislead them with details of the agreement. They sometimes claim they are from the Ontario government and are providing a free service to homeowners, when in fact, they are being locked in to exorbitant long-term contracts sometimes exceeding $15,000+. These products can be purchased for much less, often times less than $500.

If that was not enough, they even go as far as forging documents and signatures. Even crossing off and initialing changes in the contract after the fact.

They do not abide by the laws laid out in the Consumer Protection Act, which clearly states that they are to cancel any contract within 1 year of signing if they believe they were mislead. They believe they are above the law. Enbridge and the Government are currently doing nothing to prevent this even after multiple reported cases.

They have been reported cases dating as far back as 2016 as shown in the following link: Brampton senior charged $6500 for ‘free’ AC unit

It appears what these companies do is mislead homeowners by lying to them to get their signature on paper. From there, they will sell these contracts to a finance company that handles their case moving forward. They will make it extremely difficult to cancel even if write them a letter within 1 year informing them of your cancellation as outlined in the Consumer Protection Act.

To this day I still get calls and messages from people who have fallen victim to these scams. It upsets me that these companies continue to get away with it.

What I would like to accomplish from this petition is to get Enbridge to stop allowing these fraudulent companies to continue doing billing under them. After 3 reported cases of fraud, these companies should be immediately banned.

I would also like the Government of Canada to extend the length of the cooling-off period to 15 days AFTER the first bill has been received. The current 10 day cooling-off period is not sufficient as it is from the date the contract is signed. These companies can leave no paperwork behind, and the homeowners have no idea what they signed up for until the first bill has been received.