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When the United States was hit with the COVID-19 global pandemic, many employees were laid off and even let go under various circumstances with no protections. This is why, change is necessary and the time is now.

AT-WILL contractual agreements as conditions of employments are not protecting workers and these stipulations must be re-examined by lawmakers:


  • Being laid off or let go without the option of remote work for ALL workers in the US that some of us experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Experienced symptoms of COVID-19 where some of us were denied testing due to limited supplies or healthcare directives as to whom can be tested or being turned away. This placed "essential workers" under self-quarantine after possible exposure and advised to stay at home which for some has lead to being let go and relieved of their duties.
  • Contract workers - client and staffing agencies agreements with contract workers are being breached amidst a global pandemic within ALL AT-WILL states. These clauses in employment terms and conditions do not have an exclusion in place that excludes termination during a global pandemic from At-Will clauses and agreements within staffing agencies also allows clients to term with or without cause.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that are not specific for certain conditions under the Americans with Disabilities Act aka: ADA are being let go if they have a medical emergency on the job and the "AT-WILL" contractual stipulations does not protect workers.

THIS IS WHY, change is necessary to protect workers in "AT-WILL" states, as of current these stipulations are NOT protecting workers. The context of these contract terms strips workers of basic human rights in the workforce which allows employers to let go employees with or without cause and when termination is not due to performance or ability to get the job done it prevents employees from any rights when employees are having to sign such terms without a "choice" and stripping an employee of any arbitrary rights as well depending on the content and degree of how the terms are stipulated in the contract language in these agreements or employee handbooks. Which is why this petition was created to protect American workers that are lawful under the context of the law that is without prejudice, bias or discriminatory. We are asking lawmakers to re-examine these clauses or to abolish them to protect American workers.

I, am also formally requesting if Federal laws could consider adding other conditions to the list covered under the ADA with an addition to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to include people who have suffered a stroke, TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack/mini-stroke), heart attacks, and/or has a pacemaker. We are able-bodied workers but if an event occurs that is not within our control, we should not be discriminated against for a pre-existing condition and be penalized or terminated. We should not have to hide if we become short of breath or develop chest pains and suffer from a medical emergency, seizure, or unknown event. No worker should live in fear of losing their job for a pre-existing medical condition and unfair termination when our dismissal is not based on performance or ability to do a job but rather an uneventful occurrence or episode or needing medical intervention without penalty.

To explain further, I was let go by 2 employers in this state. ADA does not list specificity of heart/stroke/TIA protections and such At-Will contractual terms during COVID-19 did not protect workers, after experiencing symptoms of COVID and taking necessary precautions and repeatedly denied COVID-19 testing, my contract was terminated early at no fault of my own. At a prior assignment I had a medical emergency on the job, having stroke-like symptoms with slurred speech, shortness of breath, shaking and chest pains, I refused transport to a nearby ER facility knowing the exorbitant cost of ambulance transport and ER fees and again was let go from my contract term due to no protection in contractual language of employment terms.

Employees shouldn't have to jeopardize their health to keep a job! Safety should be in conjunction with production and all employees should be allowed to perform their job without discrimination or fear of unjust termination!

It creates an unfair and biased employment agreement that does not protect the hardworking American Worker. We are asking for fairness in the workforce and job security, especially during a pandemic such as COVID-19 and those with a pre-existing health condition.

THIS IS A CALL FOR ACTION FROM LAWMAKERS TO RE-EXAMINE "AT-WILL" employment agreements to either change the terms to protect all workers, or abolish them altogether so that workers are not stripped of basic rights within employment contracts. These clauses are not given with a right to choose but rather an ultimatum as a condition of employment.

NOTE: PLEASE READ UPDATE -- ULTIMATUM's not CHOICE in "AT WILL" clauses and arbitration agreements for prospective employees


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