No Aid to Liberia Until Officials Salaries are cut by 50%

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Liberia has abundance of natural resoures yet its people are still poor while millions of dollars in aid have been wasted in helping the government of Liberia pay high salaries to officials without improvement in the lives of the ordinary people. Currently, a legislator in Liberia takes at least $10,000 United States Dollars monthly as salary. Addition of allowances and other unnecessary benefits sums a Liberian legistator's salary to $15,000+ US dollars. Unfortunately, civil servants such as teachers, nurses, police officers, etc.  make less than $250 US dollars monthly. The salary disparity is very alarming and something must be done to call our officials to immediately address this issue.

For this, I am calling on all partners to the Liberian government, including France and the European Union,  to put immediate halt to aid until our government addresses salary and benefits reduction and increase ordinary civil servants salaries and benefits. The salaries of Liberian government officials are far more than the government officials of France and the US parliaments. We cannot continue to beg for money from countries where the government officials make far less salary than our government officials. #reducesalariesbeforeaid