Help End Deforestation in Australia

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Deforestation in Australia is an issue which needs immediate action. I am seeking that our Ministers change State Legislation now to prevent uncontrolled impacts to our environment and water in Western Australia. In the last 200 years, Australia itself has killed tens of millions of native animals and cleared nearly half of the  forest. Much of this land is now cant be used for anything and the environment has been permanently destroyed.

With the clearing more than 1,000 animal species have become endangered and more then 100 species have become extinct in States like NSW alone. In Western Australia we have a chance to control the rate of land clearing. We need to learn from the past mistakes and don't follow the wrongs of other parts of Australia.

Deforestation laws in Australia have become very week in the last 20 years so we need your help to make the government and the community aware of the effects deforestation. Sign this petition to help end this terrible disaster in Australia and help hold our politicians and make sure our Government leaders make good decisions which think about our fragile native animals, waterways and aboriginal values.