Emergency Bushfire Response: Act Now

Emergency Bushfire Response: Act Now

31 December 2019
Signatures: 1,231Next goal: 1,500
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Why this petition matters

Started by Asha Brodel

Dear fellow Australians

Our hearts are breaking because the country is on fire.

Using this petition, let's write to the Government and demand urgent, nation-wide action on the bushfire and climate emergency to bring relief to victims, and prevent the catastrophic events from happening again.

Every signature is one voice demanding action. If all of us demand action, surely the Government must act.

As this petition grows, there will be a direct effort to establish a relief fund with various organisations to provide immediate and long term support. This will help bushfire victims rebuild their lives.

If you support direct and immediate action on the climate emergency to 1) support bushfire victims, and 2) prevent the repeat of such catastrophic climate conditions, please sign this and share with everyone you know.

Happy New Year


To the Hon. Scott Morrison

Australians are in two camps this summer.

Those ravaged by devastating bushfires, and those heartbroken for the victims. Everyone is effected.

The science is clear. This is the quickly escalating reality of the climate emergency. We need to organise a nation-wide, organised response.

First, the priority of this response will foremost, in the 2020 New Year, be the relief of the bushfire victims. This petition demonstrates the unity of all Australians.

Second, the priority of this response will be a coordinated, national effort to prevent these catastrophic climate conditions from devastating Australia in the future.

This petition calls on the Australian Government to immediately:

- Declare a Climate Emergency which requires;

- Legislation that is directly drafted in consultation with climate scientists,

- An emergency bushfire relief fund that specifically supports the victims of the bushfires,

- Federal funding for infrastructure that provides avenues to support the bushfire victims, including housing, ongoing mental health services, food and water relief, accessible healthcare,  and all remaining needs,

- An opt-in Nation wide scheme, led by land and wildlife experts, particularly Indigenous Australians, to mobilise all available civilian and non-civilian resources to restore what has been destroyed by the bushfires, including our agriculture, farms and lands that are crucial to our economy,

- An opt-in Nation wide scheme, informed by ecoscientists, to mobilise all available civilian and non-civilians resources to rebuild a healthy Australian ecosystem,

- the Federal prohibition of any new coal mining and land fracking activities,

- In consultation with renewable energy scientists, a renewable energy scheme that enables Australians to switch from dirty energy to clean energy

- An agricultural scheme that seeks to reduce the amount of green house emissions contributed by animal agriculture.

Australians, by signing this petition, are directly calling on you and the Parliament to act now.

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Signatures: 1,231Next goal: 1,500
Support now

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