Save Frontier High School to help kids get the education they need

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Frontier high school is an alternative high school in Elizabeth Colorado. It has helped several students achieve their goals and graduate. Students at Frontier have succeeded better here than at any other high school. Many students can vouch for this and need the school to stay open so they can succeed. It is also a great school that helps students visit colleges and it helps the community by doing holiday dinners. 

The reason we are at risk of the school closing is because of the lack of financials and the small size of students in the school. The school is growing and needs the school to stay open to help more kids succeed and live a happy life that they want. Other schools don't give kids the same opportunities that Frontier does which is why its important that it stays open. Several students here will tell you how they've made a family and have gotten the education the needed. This is really important not only for family's but for the community and students as well. This school has helped other schools such as legacy. Our lunch lady makes food here at frontier and brings it to the other school because it doesnt have a kitchen. Closing frontier will not only affect the students here but also other schools

Some students dont have other options. They have learned in a way that has helped then tremendously and without this educational help, these students won't get the education they need. So please share this petition and get people to sign so the school can stay open