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We want a DlC that changes the last minutes of the game.

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Mass effect 3 is a great game until the last few minutes , they destroy everything fans have been playing for in the past 5 years.

The choices you make do not affect the ending in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER , the only thing that matters at all is you GAW score and even that does not change anything that would matter.


The Ending is absolutely ilogical in that many ways that it is impossible to describe them here .


We demand for Ea and Bioware to deliver us an ending DLC that adds what we want and that is for our choices to affect the games ending , so if we want to destroy the universe the cycle of destrucition continues and if we get everything perfect we can ( just for example ) See Liara and Shepard get their little blue children and get old . 

Oh and we do not even want to get started about your DLC commercial granpa !


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