Continue Developing Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes!

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To Electronic Arts and the developers of the mobile game, Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes

As a community, we would like to thank you for creating Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes, which is indisputably the best mobile Collectible Card Game we have ever played. It captures the charm of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, while delivering a fun, creative and deeply strategic experience. The game’s interface is particularly mobile friendly, and the game is accessible to casual and competitive players alike, which sets it apart from almost all other Collectible Card Games. Plants vs. Zombies is a widely recognized and loved franchise, but most gamers have never even heard of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

We are confident that with minor changes to the game and the way it is marketed, that PvZ Heroes has the potential to become a great success, and reach a much larger audience without excessive investment in advertising. 

Successful Collectible Card Games, such as Hearthstone, reached a wide audience using virtually free advertising. They accomplished this by creating broadcasted tournaments, and by encouraging highly skilled content creators to create streams and videos of the game on Twitch and YouTube. This also caused players to become more invested in the game, as the average player wanted to use the same cards and accomplish as much as the streamers and tournament champions.

Another important aspect to Collectible Card Games is a competitive “ladder” for the highest level players to compete. A competitive ELO system could be easily implemented in to PvZ Heroes once players have reached “Ultimate League”. This would make competitive players more invested in the game, build a platform on which content creators can compete, and would be a built in system for selecting tournament qualifiers. 

We hope you will recognize what a great opportunity PvZ Heroes is, and that you will continue to create new cards to collect, and develop the game to its highest potential.


The Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Community