Life-saving skills and Disaster Management should be part of school curriculum

Life-saving skills and Disaster Management should be part of school curriculum

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22 innocent children lost their lives in the horrific fire incident in Surat. Children jumping out of the coaching center to save their lives brought tears to each eye that witnessed those heart-breaking visuals.

I can’t imagine what the children must have gone through before death took them away from us. We couldn’t save these children but we can make sure that our children are prepared for such incidents.

This is why I’ve started this petition to the HRD ministry so that Disaster Management and Life-Saving skills are taught in each and every school in the country.

Please sign my petition so that we can empower our children to fight and rescue themselves in the face of a calamity.

This will be a true tribute to all those innocent lives that we lost in the Surat tragedy. Every child in India should be capable of saving her/his life. I request everyone to share my petition so that it reaches in every home in the country.

I’ll be lying to myself if I say that such incidents won’t happen. The reality is that they will, but if we want to save our children, we have to equip them with Life-Saving skills. We have to teach them to be prepared for disasters.

Even toddlers in countries like Japan and New Zealand (which have very less population) are taught what to do in case of stampedes/fires/earthquakes/drowning and any other emergency, natural or otherwise.

It’s ironic how students are taught to calculate the projectile motion and gradient but still don't know basic first aid and CPR. They don't even know how to calmly assess the situation or look around and call for help.

If our children are not safe, how on earth are we going to secure their future. It is about time that each kid is taught about Life-Saving skills and this has to start from school level.

I also urge everyone that before our petition becomes a victory, we should on our own learn these Life-Saving skills from the internet and teach it to kids.

Join me in asking the government to pass a directive to all schools so that children are taught about Disaster Management and Life-Saving skills. If our children are prepared for these incidents, they’ll be pretty much ready to face anything in life.