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Education Under Attack: Re-Instate Trinity Christian School Association's Accreditation

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Education Minister David Eggen has, through his reckless actions, undermined the education of some 3500 Albertan home-schooled students.

Minister Eggen claims that funds were falsely allocated to third parties, as well as used to cover unapproved costs (including gift cards and funeral arrangements). If this is true, we agree that consequences must be levied against the school.


Considering that the funds Minister Eggen alleges have been misspent total less than one million dollars it is difficult to understand why rather than simply punishing responsible parties or demanding reform, the education minister would jump to removing the schools accreditation altogether. 

It is difficult to understand, that is,  until we look at the education minister's history. David Eggen has been targeting Christian education and home schooling since he came into office. A critical spectator would have to surmise that the revocation of accreditation has more to do with personal politics than the financial accountability of the association.

As such, and out of concern for the students adversely affected by this rash decision, we demand that Trinity Christian School Association and their homeschooling associates be allowed to continue providing education until a level headed inquiry has been carried out.


Adam Soos


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