Stop the spread of coronavirus on the kids school system. If they get sick we also.

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I'm a cuny student and I'm glad that you guys close the colleges, but I'm still concerne about kids school system. My son go school everyday in a school bus that I also scare because of this faster transmission of the coronavirus, but I also concern about those kids who needs to take public transportation to go school. Please we can also handle the distance-learning for them. They are our future, and I know that God will help us to fight this coronavirus and let us continue with our life but for this happen we need to stay safe and take care of us and our loves ones. I need you please take this petition no as an cuny student but as a mother who have many dreams to achieve and one of them is protect my son (11 years old) from crazy stuff like this, but I also dream holding his hand when he graduate from college. I know that we can stop the spread of coronavirus staying at home and taking care of each other's and so that what I'm going to do for my family, friends, neighbors and for my community.