Introduce Mental Health education to the mandatory primary and secondary curriculum

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In Northern Ireland, almost 300 people are driven to taking their own lives every year. We have the highest suicide rate in the UK, and as of last year, suicide has now killed more people than The Troubles. 

This has to stop. 

I believe that the most powerful tool given to mankind is that of education. Without teachers, there would be no doctors or mechanics or lawyers or engineers or chefs. Without grassroots movements in our schools, we would have nothing. When something starts, it starts with education. 

While mental health, thankfully, is something that is now widely recognised by many schools as something important, we can no longer rely on the good nature of our teachers to ensure that children and young people are being told about their own brain. Just as we need a set, specialist and mandatory curriculum for Maths or English, it is time for mental health education to become part of every school and classroom setting, without delay. Sign now to challenge the Department of Education to speak up for our young people and our future. 

We need; 

- A mandatory mental health currciculum, put together by experienced and knowlegeable people & organisations, at both primary and secondary levels. This should explain to pupils what mental health is, recognising signs of poor mental health in themselves and their peers, taking care of their mental health, how and when to seek help, and what help is available to them. 

- Training for every teacher, student teacher and school support staff on how to address, and deal with, mental health problems amongst all age groups, inculding dealing with these issues in children with S.E.N. and behavioural issues. For example, helping staff to spot anxiety attacks and training them on how to help and manage this in a classroom.

- Resources, made available to staff and students, that must be displayed somewhere accessible in every school and education centre. 


Its time for change. Sign now to ensure every child and young person is given the chance they deserve. 

Thank you.