Mosgiel residents demand DCC removal of dangerous weed troughs now!

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Council installed these road weed troughs without full consultation with Mosgiel residents. They have created a dangerous, unsightly narrowing of roads in the Mosgiel area.

1.  Cars are now crossing road median lines to negotiate these obstacles.

2.  Children mistake them for safe road pedestrian crossings.

3.  Mosgiel buses no longer negotiate certain street corners to maintain safety of other traffic and pedestrians users.

4. The street appearances of Mosgiel has decreased due to the installation of these troughs and the lack of planting maintenance by the DCC.

5. Reduced street parking for residential areas of Mosgiel.

We demand the removal of these weed troughs immediately and that no further roading obstacles be installed without full and open public consultation with Mosgiel residents, with such consultation to take place in Mosgiel.