The Real price for beauty. Please go VEGAN

The Real price for beauty. Please go VEGAN

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The dark truth behind the cosmetic industry

The animal testing industry is beneath a thick veneer of secrecy, underground, down long, fluorescent-lit corridors where nobody can hear them scream. The fact that it’s So traumatic for us to watch is it stil exists. It’s allowed to remain hidden because people don’t want to see something so clinically evil and horrific. 

It is unbelievable that they treat animals in the name of science; another huge paradigm that we need to question. They collect pets from animal shelters to experiment on. To this day, why are they using animals for experimentation. Please stop buying these products and choose CRUELTY FREE!

I’m not sure if I can articulate how disheartening I feel. Can’t believe some cosmetic brands are still doing this to animals. There are so many vegan cosmetic brands proving that it is possible without animal testing.

Please help me to reach to the highest authority. We must take as much action as possible to save these animals.
We as humans need to demonstrate that we’re able to do good.

(PLEASE CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK AND SEE THE VIDEO. I‘ve just attached an example for all to witness the cruelty)