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Drug and Alcohol Test My Congressman and Senator

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For all the same reasons that lawmakers would impose such testing on recipients of state assistance, the people have a right to know that their elected officials serve sober and drug free.

Ohio legislator Robert Hagan has introduced a bill in his state to do just this.

In the words of Ohio State Representative Robert F. Hagan (D) Youngstown :: ‎"The premise of this bill is pretty straight forward. You have individuals entrusted by the public to perform legal functions on behalf of the citizens who pay us with tax dollars. I don't buy the assertion by Republican lawmakers that we need to test welfare recipients for drug and alcohol use, but that elected officials, who receive much more in annual tax dollar salary than those on public assistance, simply are exempt from any such testing."

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Need at least 50 volunteers to make an adaptation of this petition for their own states.

When you sign this petition, it will go to the President of the United States, your Congressional Representative, and your two Senators, in addition to the Governor of the State of Florida, your Florida State Representative, and Senators.

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