Justice for Various Fraud by Fantasy Company Dream11

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 After playing 3420 Contests 744 matches and 148 series at level 153 currently.. 

I've been following, tracking and even playing Dream11-( a fantasy sport being played online where you make teams and the team with most points win money) . I have been tracking the winners of each grand league. With so many days of research and data collected I can confidently say that it's the biggest scam running currently in India.

I started playing this game online somewhere in 2017. It had a big budget endorsement then involving MS Dhoni as their brand ambassador. Initially the prize won wasn't that much. But when IPL arrived the winnings were as big as 20 lacs. It tempted me to play even more Coz the money invested is very less for eg. 50,60Rs ie when you play a grand league. Since then I've been playing Dream11 . I Have a won a few thousands. I didnt know the amount of scam this company was doing in the winnings then..They started investing in more smf more cricket matches. I started putting money in those matches, there were certain instances where I came very close to winning the grand prize but I blamed it on my luck for not winning the prize money . It kept on happening again and again after a while I started noticing a pattern in the first prize winners or u can say the the first 100 winners. I started taking screenshots and collecting data since then. Certain notes I took from the data I collected over the years. You will see the screenshots at the end. It will baffle you.

All the winnings are manipulated by Dream11. They will tell you to download the teams. There are 2000 pages in it you won't see all of them. But I have taken the effort to view all of them. And what I've seen is unbelievable. Whenever you play any league there is a deadline given. Suppose the deadline is 3pm. The max teams in the league is 200000. You will find a pattern in all the grand leagues that at 2:45 only 70 percent of the teams are filled. As the deadline approaches dream11 puts 30 percent of their bot TEAMS. These are computer generated teams. They change the team combination in between the Game. Which allows its BOT teams to win the grand prize. And these people are really stupid. The Algorithm they use always results in teams ending in 9 winning the grand prize. According to the data I've collected teams at level 39 wins more matches. Teams at level 19,29,39,49,69,129,99 wins most of the matches. They are so careless and fearless that they don't even change their algorithms. They create prize money such as 1 crore for the rank 1 winners just to attract you to play. It's really really ridiculous how they do it right on our faces and nothing has been done. They have big Cricketers like MSD to promote. And I think even bigger names are involved in this. The Government might have a say in this too. No criminal charges of fraud has been registered yet any sensible person monitoring them for a few days can catch their fraud. It's really Baffling.

We Indians are money minded we don't even care about these at the end of the day if you are winning something we will be happy. There would've been several instances when you guys could've won the grand prize but dream11 and the BOT teams couldn't let you to. There will be several people rubbishing this claim. Or their might be an answer. I've also started a Twitter handle on this But not much response has been given. We all are busy with Politics and religion and do not care about such frauds which is happening right under our noses. Not even dream11 you would find many such fantasy sports company advertising and luring you into this nowadays. Common man has been duped by the corrupt leaders time and now by the Industrialist, the Business tycoons and there's one more. All we do is be quite and have that don't care attitude towards them.

I rest my case and have made an effort to stop these nonsense of Fantasy Sports. Betting is illegal in India. So, the Brainy Business and corrupt ones have started an another alternative for betting ie. FANTASY SPORTS. Where teams will be manipulated, winnings will be manipulated and don't let the deserving ones to win big at all. I'm attaching several files to support my claim. I'm sure after witnessing those there will be an ounce of frustration among the people playing such sports.

Now dream11 has started taking scamming in kabaddi matches too. I feel they should be accounted for. We should file a legal complaint and File criminal charges against them. They should be arrested ASAP. The government, the IRS is just a puppet of such big Companies. where a lot of money is invested by the politicians too. It's high time we should stop playing such nonsense.

Below is just an example of the scam. Just have a look at this first then showing your support to dream11 in the comment section. Yes people have won in thousands. It's about dream11 rigging the outcomes, it's about them putting BOT teams so that the chances of a genuine player winning is very very Less. There's no transparency at all. They also started sharing the 3 digits of the phone numbers of the winners and their location which is highly highly stupid as well as funny. They go ridiculous extents to make us fools . These guys always talk about Fairplay. Have even a Fairplay bullshit added in their legal section of the app. People generally don't download the pdfs and scroll thorough vast set of data. I had taken time and effort on this. See how many bot teams of the same name have been added

Note:- Harsh Jain one of the founders is the son of Anand Jain, the chairman of Jai Corp & a close associate of Mukesh Ambani. Hope that answers why they’re getting away with it. The Ambanis surely are funding these fantasy sports and also the reason why our govt is quite about all this. 

My Team11:  This even worse than dream11. The winnings are also in Lacs. Eg: The first prize winner jeeta 20lacs in a big game. They too have zero transparency . You can't even check the player details in this app. They haven't been highlighted as much as dream11 now, so they go to ridiculous extents to cheat you people Just download this app and play one match. You will be shocked to see the level of fraud these guys do. 

Various other fantasy sport are running these days with big names getting involved with them and publicizing. 

Myteam11- Sehwag

My11Circle-Saurav Ganguly 

Halaplay - Hardik pandya

Apne11-  Kapil Dev.

The list is endless. These are the high profile names involved. I seroulsly feel they should keep themselves away from this. Without knowing anything about these companies how they cheat how they work, these cricketers are dancing to their tunes for a hefty some of money. You can buy anyone and everyone with money. 

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My Twitter handle having all the data which cannot be uploaded here due to limited uploads at change.org 

Check out Dream11scamBuster (@MrPOISON13): https://twitter.com/MrPOISON13?s=09