WHO: Live-Stream all Conferences on Public Health / Policy

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In the third millennium, we face ever greater threats to our health and well being from diseases such as Ebola, HIV/AIDS, malaria, hepatitis & tuberculosis. But we can ameliorate those risks with ever greater opportunities to use technology to communicate information, with a view to fostering awareness and cooperation to combat those threats.

As part of that communication, we ask Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the World Health Organisation to implement a policy to live-stream all WHO sponsored public health and health policy conferences and meetings. This directive should apply to the main conference hall as well as any smaller rooms associated with the conference. For clarity, the video needs to include the presentation area, while also having a direct audio feed from microphones used by presenters and attendees.

Citizens cannot always trust our own governments to pass this information onto us reliably, and without being corrupted by politically motivated bias. Our trust lies in the apolitical WHO to inform us.

We the people under your care have a need to know and a right to be informed. For the sake of our health, the health of our children and their children, our friends & neighbors, please grant us direct access to WHO conferences.