Protect Students Health, Offer Online Options and Better Support Students

Protect Students Health, Offer Online Options and Better Support Students

January 9, 2022
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Dr. Neil Fassina President Okanagan College and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by L L

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has released recommendations for post secondary schools which includes the following: 

“Offer virtual learning to limit the number of people in a classroom.

Offer on-line exams and use remote proctoring or alternate testing formats. Provide online, remote access to course materials and instructors when your regional/local PSA recommends against activities occurring on campus.

Develop virtual labs, simulations, and multimedia resources for experiential learning.

Offer virtual information and social activities to reduce the need for in person gathering while maintaining social connectedness and student life experiences.

Consider how to support individuals who will be unable to attend in-person sessions due to their circumstances (e.g., health, personal, or travel restrictions).”

Current Covid rates are increasing daily, the hospital is above capacity, and we are dealing with new variants ‘super spreader’ which are even more transmittable.

While Covid cases have tripled OC has not implanted any new safeguards since 2021. Some of which, like sanitizing stations and classroom spray stations, are not even being refilled and utilized.

The student body is diverse in health, family’s health, living situation, work situation, and economic status. These factors play a huge role in how one adapts when getting sick. Not everyone is young and healthy, some live with vulnerable people, some can’t afford missing work sick, some live with multiple roommates, and most don’t want to fall behind in school. Okanagan College is resisting online and blended learning solutions even though other schools have successfully implemented these solutions and OC has too earlier in the pandemic. OC has also failed to communicate efficiently with students on the changing situation in a timely manner which allows students time to make important life choices. OC has neglected to take survey of the student body in regards to vaccination rates and students struggles and needs during this time. OC has failed to provide options for students who should be staying home sick, students should not fear falling behind or missing tests when they stay home sick or awaiting tests, yet it is what happens, if sick you are provided no option to video in or record, the teacher may not communicate timely with you, if you miss a test or exam making it up in person will require an extra day or even pushing back your Christmas (or grad?) plans.

The college should also improve student resources, there should be assistance for students quarantined (do they have food, transportation to texting, mental health support), students who have suffered the loss of a loved one (time to grieve, allowances for studies/homework/exams), students with medical complications (online/blended learning, someone to check in with them). OC should more empathetic to students, everyone is going through something and education should have the capacity to accommodate students needs. Right now we need to be safe and keep our loved ones safe. We should reduce our in person interactions and school is a major part of that, please OC take students into consideration!


Okanagan College I am imploring you to adapt to recommendations from experts and put the health and safety of students first!

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Signatures: 324Next Goal: 500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Dr. Neil Fassina President Okanagan College
  • Dr. Andrew Hay Provost and Vice President
  • Meri Kim Oliver Vice President Students