STOP terribly polluting activity of burning garbage, dried leaves using Police force.

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Burning of garbage which includes plastic, firewood, fallen dried leaves is a rampant practice carried out across cities and towns of India.

This is terribly polluting and worsening the already deteriorating  air quality in cities.

This practice needs to be STOPPED completely with the help of Police force as it is NOT easy to convince people not to do so.

After fuel , biomass burning has been documented as the most important contributing factor to air pollution in India.

Biomass burning is banned under Environment Protection Act, still most people opt for easiest way out - BURNING. They burn either to clear out accumulated garbage, or for domestic purposes  like heating water or for warmth.

Although we need to educate people that this can be converted into compost ..BUT FIRST we need to stop them from burning.

For this we need support from Government in the form of Police Helpline number for reporting such incidences and a punitive fine needs to be introduced. We cannot stop this practice without POLICE INTERVENTION.

We just need to reconnect and co ordinate between various organisations who  are already collecting dried leaves, biomass for making  compost.  A little push in the right direction to the Garbage collection system already in place in most of the cities will take care of extra garbage dumps.

Please support this petition to improve the quality of air in your area.

Switching from Coal fired electricity to Solar electricity, switching to electric vehicles from current fuel vehicles are great initiatives but they are going to take years.

STOPPING this garbage burning can be done IMMEDIATELY with your support.

Let us together pledge to breathe purer air ....