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Save the medical system- Stop the use of antibiotics in animal feed

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Antibiotic overuse is killing us. Antibiotics are added to the feed for livestock to make them fatter faster and has nothing to do with therapy of illness.

The Canadian livestock industry consumes more than 1.6 million kilograms of antibiotics every year, according to the Canadian Animal Health Institute. 80% of all antibiotics used in Canada are used for livestock.  The evidence is clear that this causes highly dangerous resistant bacteria in our community.

The danger is now that we  have no antibiotics available for therapy anymore. This is a threat to our whole health care system and affects each individual on this planet since you could pick up these life threatening bacteria anywhere. While watching the movie "RESISTANCE" at Mount Sinai Hospital with discussion after, one doctor described it as a major health threat with an outcome of the plague if we would continue like this.

Pharmaceutical companies have very little interest in inventing new antibiotics since the development is expensive and they do not make their profit because the antibiotic  looses its effectiveness  within a few years.  

With this petition we say stop to the unnecessary use of antibiotics in livestock. Saving our children and loved ones from serious infections and saving our medical system. Antibiotics are only for emergencies, operations and serious infections. And we need them. Without them our whole health care will collapse.

With this petition we want to ask our Federal Health Minister, Dr Jane Philpott, and our Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Dr Eric Hoskins, to address this topic immediately and take the necessary steps to save us and future generations from death through antibiotic resistant bacteria. Say stop to animal feedlot antibiotic use.

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