Grant Indigent Parent Release from Incarceration

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James Vincent Eller is not a deadbeat Dad. Yet he is being treated without due rights by Child support Services. Simply because he is Indigent?

On May 14th, 2014 he appeared in court for the summons of contempt on his child support case.

A little insight into this, when he was employed, the payments were made regularly. After a company downsizing, Vince was on unemployment for a short time. He has done small odd jobs through the past couple years, and has applied to many positions. All without much success. Deciding to return to school to learn a new trade that would benefit his future better, he has just completed the first semester @ W Ga Tech. During the times he was not fully employed, he would still provide as much financial support to his kids as possible (hindsight of paying to the immediate need of his kids and not to child support services) with any and every job he could do. As many know, he also had his kids for visitation every weekend. As well, he has always attended school doctors, pretty much any activity that involved his children. 

Back to the day in court...

He had just been hired to start a new job (minimum wage I believe) on the 15th of May. he informed Child support of this, but could not recall the EXACT name of the place, so they summarily dismissed what he said.

The judge asked for his side of things. he explained that he had lost his job, had done some odd jobs, was back in school, and was going to be starting a new job soon.

The judge then asked him two questions. " Who supports you" Which was answered that his parents and friends support him. "Mr Eller, are you of able body?" To which Vince answered that he was. The immediate order of the judge was that he was in contempt and to be incarcerated right then and there.

Now, from what I know, the FULL amount of arrears is what was ordered by the judge in order for Vince to be released. We are talking an amount accrued over the past 2-3 years. $11,185.05. There was no timeframe for the incarceration, nor was there a "purge" fee that might have been acceptable. Someone had told me that they earn about a dollar a day in would be 30 years before his release upon that info.

I have begun a process of filing a petitiion of release from this site....

What I am asking for in the signing of this petition is that there is a show of support for this cause. For getting him released. I will also be starting a funds page to raise money to obtain an attorney if this first step fails. I think the easiest way is going to be through paypal ( Any donations can be sent as from family to avoid extra fees. If we have to go into court, I also want Vince to know how many stand behind what has been done to him.

Along with this petition, there were letters from his prospective employer, his school records, a letter from his mother, and letters from his children.

I hope that everyone who sign this will also go pledge just $1 to this cause. i am not looking to raise the arrears amount owed, i am trying to raise the funds to FIGHT this injustice.

In all of this, not only did Child support, but the Judge as well, they all seemed to overlook what was truly in the best interest of the children in this case.

I am happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability.




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