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Launch an independent inquiry into the death of Robert Ethan Saylor


According to a press release from the State's Attorney for Frederick county, Robert Ethan Saylor died as a result of three individuals' actions on January 12, 2013 in Frederick, Maryland. His death was and remains classified a HOMICIDE.

Robert Ethan Saylor was a healthy, 26-year-old man, who also had Down syndrome.

However, the above press release also states that Robert Ethan Saylor was "...compromised by his Down's syndrome..." and concludes that no criminal charges are necessary in Mr. Saylor's death.

Down syndrome Uprising believes that the above decision speaks to a continuing bias in society to see Down syndrome as a disease, those with Down syndrome as lesser humans, and not deserving of the same respect warranted to those without Down syndrome. we strongly believe, and do not stand alone, that it is a violation of basic human rights to view Mr. Saylor's death as somehow due to his genetic makeup when his death has been classified a HOMICIDE.

We are asking you to launch an independent inquiry into the death of Mr. Saylor and asking you to prove to us that your office believes in the humanity and equality of everyone, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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  • Attorney General of Maryland
    Doug Gansler

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