York Center Constituents Stand for Roman Baber

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To The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario:

We are dismayed that MPP Roman Baber has been ousted from the Conservative party for writing a responsible letter to Doug Ford on behalf of his constituents. This action consists a direct violation of MPP Baber's human rights and of his mandate to serve in office on behalf of his constituents, not at the whims of the premier. 

Freedom of speech is a human right and fundamental freedom stated in the Canadian Bill of Rights, sections 1(d) and (f)

But MPP Baber was not only exercising these rights, he was speaking on behalf of his York Center constituents—those who elected him in 2018. We believe in the scientific evidence that lockdowns are largely ineffective at saving lives, and in fact do excessive harm to vulnerable populations. Credible sources of this evidence were cited in MPP Baber's letter to the premier.

There is no excuse for penalizing the elected official who speaks on our behalf.

We consider the actions of the Premier's office a disgrace to democracy and a direct assault on our right as Ontario residents and Canadian citizens.

We lack confidence in Premier Ford's ability to do his job on behalf of the people of Ontario and request his prompt resignation from office. There is no time to apologize for the past. We ask that you stand up for our future.