Yoga Studios Are Not Gyms

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We demand that the unfair targeting of yoga studios in the York Region, Toronto, Peel, Montreal, and Ottawa be stopped.  We are asking to be separate from gyms and fitness studios just like dance studios.  We are being unfairly lumped in with them and want you to consider taking a more individualized vs. a cookie cutter approach.  

An individually-owned yoga studio is not a significant health risk and they do NOT fall into the category of a large high-risk gym setting or even fitness classes. We have a no-touch environment, no shared equipment, students do not move off their own mat, and we have worked extremely hard at great expense to have implemented safety measures to keep our students and staff safe.

We are NOT a "big-box" corporate gym backed by millions of dollars. We are individuals who grew up and live in our communities, and who have spent years building the businesses that are serving the physical and mental health needs of people.  And during this time it is needed more then ever.

A few important details to consider:
- Thanks to the pandemic, yoga studios were closed for 5.5 months
- Small business owners are struggling to stay afloat, but still chose to invest in exceptional safety measures.
- Many yoga studios have permanently closed already, due to the pandemic.

Please reconsider and listen to the needs of your communities and allow Yoga Studios to stay open with proper Covid protocols in place.

Help prevent obliterating the yoga industry and continue to allow your community to help deal with this pandemic and prevent mental health struggles through the benefits of yoga and allow us to re-open our doors.

This is an urgent matter, please take immediate action.