We Need Child Advocates

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 Recently, Ford has made plans to shut down the Provincial Advocacy's Office. The office itself didn't have any warning of this and found out through social media.  

Without the Provincial Advocate's Office, children and youth will be deeply impacted. We need advocates for when services are not being delivered the way they should. We need advocates for our voices to be heard through small and big decisions impacting our lives. We need protection. We need a place to call home and that is exactly what the Advocacy's Office has provided for many. 

The government is already failing us. The system is broken. We can't afford to lose such a reliable ally when it comes to safety and the lives of children and youth. Children are dying in care. We need accountability, honesty, and independent services to assist.

How does financial abuse even compare to child abuse. These are people's LIVES. We are frustrated with trying to get people to care about the children who are the future. Protecting children is more than common sense, it's a human right.