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Currently in Ontario theme parks and water parks such as Canada’s Wonderland, Marineland, Calypso & Wet N Wild Toronto have been forced to not open despite very strict guidelines they have ready. Parks like Six Flags La Ronde in Quebec have opened up with no outbreaks and similar safety protocols. This sector of tourism in Ontario and Canada is greatly overlooked. Canada’s Wonderland employs around 4-5 thousand workers a year and then a bunch of Ontario jobs like contractors, construction and tourism for local businesses in the area. We’ve seen places that have been allowed to open like Clifton Hill with hardly any safety guidelines in place. They are operating a roller coaster, 4D attractions, haunted houses, Ferris wheel, arcades and more! Other tourist attractions have also received funding to assist with a loss of business and we are seeking government help and answers for the theme park & water park sector of tourism in Ontario. Without these amazing locations,  a lot of jobs could be lost. Jobs that employ our youth and students, jobs that drive tourism, construction, local transport and businesses that work with their local governments to help build an amazing future with new hospitals and transit hubs for Vaughan along with a potential future hotel to boost the local Vaughan economy. Turning our backs on this sector can greatly affect a lot more then just a family day trip to the theme parks and water parks. There’s actors, singers & artists relying on Halloween & Winter events at Canada’s Wonderland to pay for schooling and rent. While things must change to protect us from Covid, there’s safe plans in place to allow us to have fun, people to work and the economy to thrive while ensuring safe operations. We ask that you consider allowing these places to open while providing funding to water parks and theme parks that have lost substantial ability to earn enough to thrive/ stay in business. Please subscribe to Amusement Insiders on YouTube for a video about how you can help and why this is important.