Stop the high decibel noise of Azan in Windsor

Stop the high decibel noise of Azan in Windsor

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Jessica Christine started this petition to Doug Ford and

Though I am not against any religion ---- Please stop the noise pollution in Windsor, Ontario. We are in an era where everything is reachable either via Facebook live or other broadcasting technologies including but not limited to tv, internet, YouTube, and many other options that do not require the extra noise pollution.

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Due to the current events regarding Covid-19, Coronavirus, we would like to make a humble request to stop mosques to publicly give Azan in accordance to Muslim Hadith. 

Though I am not against any religion, still the consequences of piercing noise compelled me to inquire from others residing in my locality as to the effect that this noise is having on them.

I learned that children and old people are the most affected. Of course, their immunities are compromised with stress levels increasing and blood pressure rising. Others also were compelled to listen to things which they have no interest or reason to listen to. The practice of calling azan originated hundreds of years ago when people did not have watches and clocks to guide them as to the time to pray. Nowadays everyone has not only watches & clocks but smartphones with alarms. Therefore not only is making noise at such high volume against the law but it is not practically justified by any need or emergency or exception necessitating it.

This forced me to widen the gamut of my research wherein I found that Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000 has been promulgated and the use of loudspeakers and amplifiers without permission is banned.

Even with permission, noise is required to be kept within permissible limits and breach thereof is an offence. 

Through this petition, I seek support of everyone to urge the Police missionary to take strictest action as per law so that peace and quiet that is our right as citizens can be restored in our lives.

Please Sign this petition for Windsor and sign for the bigger Peace of everyone.

Noise pollution:
Sound is a natural part of our surroundings, but when sounds become unwanted and loud, they can turn into noise pollution.

Noise pollution is any form of sound that disrupts a natural ecosystem or causes a person’s property to become unusable or unpleasant.

Noise pollution may have negative impacts on human health, including:

o  loss of sleep

o  increased stress levels

o  hearing loss, in severe cases

(By-law 6716) Please keep noise levels down to ensure a happy, vibrant neighbourhood. If you are subjected to excessive noise by your neighbours, please contact the City to register a complaint. “Noise” is defined as unwanted sound and is prohibited in residential areas at all times.

Noises are considered to be at an acceptable level if they are between 40 and 60 decibels, or match the ambient background noise – whichever is higher. Any sound above acceptable levels is generally considered noise pollution.

Here are examples of typical noises and their decibel levels:

Faint to moderate sounds

20 decibels – watch ticking
30 decibels – whispering
40 decibels – refrigerator
50 decibels – moderate rainfall
60 decibels – dishwasher
Loud sounds

70 decibels – city traffic
80 decibels – noisy restaurant
Very loud sounds

90 decibels – lawn mower
100 decibels – chainsaw
110 decibels – car horn
120 decibels – rock concert
130 decibels – jet engine 100 feet away
140 decibels – shotgun blast

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!