Stop pet insurance scams. start pet support system Canada .!!!

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So this all started  9 years ago when my best friend was born .  His name is Thor he's a 9 year old Beagle when we first got him he was the runt of the litter and came with a few health concerns but he attached him self to us and we wanted to give him a chance with a loving home  . I looked for pet insurance right after his first exam at the vet and got all his shots . Due to his cocsidia no company would touch the poor guy unless the premium was over 100$ per month .  All these insurance companies drain u of your $ and promise a bunch of claims till it's needed . This I want to change !!.  No more  excuses when problems arise with coverages , and payment delays etc. Even the local vets and pet hospitals tell u to just save x amount of $ per month and set it aside if u can as most cases illness wise or injury u r never ready for and in most cases the insurance does not cover what u need .  Meds x-rays , ultrasound , over night stays .  We have personally spend thousands and thousands on our boy and he has grown to become a vary healthy dog , loving so smart, grew up super strong& loves his family and is the best companion ever.  later we adopted another beagle named hunter he was malnurished , sick ,abused and not living a full healthy life in a cage he was from his third home in a year . He had many issues with training, has food allergies but he needed a loving family and we took him in gave him a brother and they r best of friends and he turned out amazing and this did cost great amounts of $ to do but well worth it in the end .  We have had a few scares throughout the years and financially have had to juggle and either make it work or have to not get all the medical treatments needed to give them the best healthcare we can .  We as Canadians take our healthcare for granted only paying for meds and personal issues , this should be the same for our pets and I think I have a solution.  today I'm looking for support for our pets specifically dogs and cats 60% of Canadian homes have one of these 2 animals and most of these homes at some point run into a medical issue and struggle with the vary high payments come vet time .  My proposed solution is as pet owners in Canada we each pay a small 40$ deposit to start a fund.  With 14 million dog& cat owners here in Canada that would make an incredible $ 560'000,000 just to start the fund . This fund would only be used for the purpose of illness , injurys , expensive exams like x-ray, ultrasound, sergerys+ spay and neuter.  A once a year dental cleaning and exam ,etc . In our experience and my research the issue to most canadains is these random health issues/ injurys that arrise and not having the $ to give your pet the healthcare they deserve.  Every owner would still pay for your own dogs/cats food , grooming, boarding , training etc.   everything that is the basics for there well being. My idea would be to use this fund as a group paying in monthly or ducted yearly to what the total cost would be . Just the interest on this amount alone in a reg bank would compound annually and keep this pay it forward fund working forever. This would take the stress off our local shelters and ospca type centers with overall better health on all our pets , many less put in the system due to cost reasons , this really snowballs and becomes a win win for everything . All we /the gov would need to do is have the vet branch's and hospitals get on board and set as standard/ average for every procedure, exam, and sergery.($ wise)  Once that is reached this could be implemented easy and effectively.  U bring in your pet the pet gets the care , the vet invoices the fund the fund sends payment and everyone who joined the fund would receive a text or email and it would show who we helped today give a small bio of the pet and it's needs and the amount u supported today by deviding that small bill by the millions that would join this fund making your contribution 5cents as a example. You get a sense and feeling that u also made a difference today to a family and there animal giving u a little smile in your day . At some point in your pets life  will be your turn with your animal and u will get the help needed and everything will keep paying it forward .  The #s work out that a maximum 100$ yearly contribution after the initial 40$ deposit could be implemented so it never breaks the bank but is also a ton of $ for this fund per year if u add  140$ max per owner/ per pet / x 18 mill . Compounding interest with a Canadian savings account at 1-3%  will have the funds to help pets and owners forever giving Canadian standard healthcare for the whole family .  I'd like to send this to either someone whom loves pets and has the knowhow to make a charity and run it in a way that there no curruption or $ earnings from this fund in anyway except a standard and average salary to run the administration parts that would be needed to make this happen . Or I would like to ask our great Ontario leader Doug ford to look at this strategy and see if the Ontario government could make something like this work and do it first !! . Then get this to the top with prime minister treadeau  and see if this could go Canada wide so the idea I have here could be a reality .  Start saving canadian pet owners $ taking the stress and pain from them when scares arrise and helping each pet as a nation wide community together. All animals deserve a better chance this will help the complete wellbeing of all pets . This Will actually help vets and hospitals by making there job easier getting the tests they need to find the problem with your animal , saving u multiple trips and time trying to find the causes of there pain or illness.  This will actually increase all these animals lives and should better Canada as a whole  making it more modern era.  pet ownership increases each year and without the scares of financial burden this could completely get animals off the cold winter streets and into a warm loving home .  Please share this .  Ps sorry for the rant and the novel and bad punctuation .