Small businesses need funds, not a loan!

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This may be an unpopular topic. If you don’t agree with it, please don’t comment.

Small businesses are suffering more than you realize. It would appear from an outside view that the government has put great programs in place to help - a 40k loan that businesses can get approved for instantly, rent reduction so we only have to pay 25%. It sounds good, but it’s not.

The rent relief program is great for small business who are still able to run at some capacity. But we are running at 0%

How can we be expected to pay for a building space to use for a business we aren’t legally allowed to operate? The landlords are being unfair and most of them are not or have not applied for the rent reduction.

Here’s our example. Now I know this isn’t the case for all landlords but this is our story.

Rent on our unit is $10,500/ month. That’s right, over 10k a month for rent! Most people who don't know about commercial rent are shocked at this number. At the beginning of all of this, our landlord still wanted over $3500/month. This is to cover their expenses. Fair, they reduced the rent by a lot. But on the other hand we still have insurance payments, several utility bills, bank fees and the list goes on.

So if the landlords are getting 75% of their rent (50% right from the government which we already know covers their expenses) why are the small businesses not having their expenses covered? The landlords get paid and actually make money.. we get a loan. A loan that IF paid back in two years gives us 25% forgivable.. for now. In an industry such as ours we will be lucky if we are even operating in a year from now to pay back the loan. We have absolutely no way to pay it back, and we shouldn’t be going into debt to pay for a business that was mandated to close that will most likely not survive after Covid-19.

Don’t get me wrong, it was an important choice to close and do our part in the community, but what the heck are we paying for? We are not allowed to operate. I signed up for a space where I can run my business, not where I am isolated at home trying to make ends meet with no income.

We are going on month 3 of paying no rent, and have to make the choice to continue taking on more debt each month, or close down now and wash our hands.

Even if we do reopen one day, it will not be at max capacity, and the extra cleaning and supplies with the less income will make it hard to make it worth it.

Why are landlords, who are running a business as well, getting their expenses covered at the expense of the small businesses who have families and houses and modest lifestyles that they are just trying to keep?

Enough is enough! We would have no problem paying rent for our business that we could operate. So landlords are still making money which surpasses their expenses, but we go into debt?
They get 75% of their income, we get 0! (Once again, I realize not all landlords are in the same position)

Bottom line, everyone else is getting relief and we are getting a loan that is expected to be paid back. Small businesses can not sustain a 40k loan. We were not looking for a loan before the pandemic.

We need help, along with the thousands of other businesses, to save our business. A loan is not the answer. 

The rent reduction and wage subsidy would be very helpful if we were operating at minimum 25% but we are at 0.


We own a children’s indoor play and party centre that is not available for curb side pick up. Our whole business is based on gatherings and celebrations. We can't shift our playground to online sales. And it will be months until we can open again. A 40k loan does not stretch with the rent and expenses on the size of our facility. 

We and businesses like ours, are the heart of our community's recreation. We give back so much to sponsorship's, women and children's shelter's, low income schools and daycare's, and any family who reaches out through hard times but still want to host a birthday party for their child. Without facilities like ours, the community has no where to celebrate milestones, birthdays or field trips. Children learn and grow through play, imagination and physical activity. They are our future and they need facilities like ours to develop

We truly love our business. We have risked it all to run it and we were doing amazing. We shut our doors the eve of March Break - the most profitable week of the year that helps us get by in the slower summer months. We purchased 2 months worth of supplies for 10 days of March Break, then were mandated to close and eat the cost.

Businesses at 0% occupation during Covid-19 need more help. If you are operating at 0% your rent should be covered. If you are at 25% you should cover 25% of your rent and so on. We do not benefit from the wage subsidy as we had to lay off our employees. We are not all built the same. This program isn't protecting us at all.

Thank you for your support 

Katie and Kyle



If you would like to support our business, we have a Go Fund Me page set up by our family and friends.