Provide emergency assistance to people with disabilities during CoVID-19 crisis

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To Whom It May Concern,
People with disabilities are constantly systemically discriminated against in Canada. At this time, the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) has a maximum fixed income amount of $1169 per month for people with disabilities. Now, it is being announced that people withoutdisabilities will be given $2000 per month in aid as a response to the CoVID-19 crisis. Not only does this put people with disabilities at a systematic disadvantage, it also acknowledges that the income provided by ODSP is nota sufficient living wage.
How can people with disabilities continue to afford to live in this current climate? We are the most likely to contract and die from CoVID-19 of all Canadians, due to the increased risk of illness and death in the presence of comorbidities (World Health Organization, 2020).
Furthermore, there are potentially thousands of disabled people currently applying for ODSP whose applications will inevitably be backlogged due to the CoVID-19 pandemic. Will these people be assisted by the federal and/or provincial government, or will they also experience institutionalized oppression?
I deeply urge you to review the CoVID-19 pandemic situation from the perspective of a person with a disability. How would you survive a month in a pandemic if you had $1169, typical bills to pay, specialized bills to pay relating to your disability, and the inability to live a ‘normal’ life due to the compounding limitations of a disability and a pandemic?
This is the reality for over half a million Ontarians.
Thank you for your consideration.