Doug Ford's OSAP Changes: Injustice to Ontarian Students!

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OSAP has been changed drastically by the PC Government. These cuts make it a lot harder for people with low incomes to afford their postsecondary education. Help us by signing this petition and sharing the word!

The proposed changes do come at the same time the projected 10% decrease in tuition was announced. While that is positive for all Ontario students, Doug Ford has done a terrible injustice to lower-income students.

The PC governments new changes will now ELIMINATE the free tuition plan for families earning a TOTAL of $50,000 per year. This makes social mobility extremely difficult, and encourages students that come from low-income families away from university. The fear is that this will keep many families in poverty for the long run.

The PC government is also reducing the thresholds to be eligible for the grant portion of OSAP. Many students in the lower-middle class will now NOT be getting grants, leaving them wondering how they will pay back much of their loans/tuition.

Any student that has been getting grants will now only be eligible for 50% grants. This means all students in the lower class that was receiving over 50% in grants will now be getting much more of their OSAP in loans.

On top of that, OSAP is now removing the 6 month interest free period after graduation, which will force students to go straight to work, whether they like it or not. With good paying jobs being hard to come by, many students are left struggling.

With the positive news of the tuition cuts, Doug Ford has just slapped ALL Canadians that were receiving OSAP in the face. This forces many students to work MANY jobs at once, which makes it hard for them to focus on academics. 

Ford has said he has been "putting back money in the hands of Ontarians". All he is doing is making the rich richer, while failing to see the needs of the lower and middle class. 

Doug Ford, your job is to look out for all the people of Ontario. This is not a good investment for our province, country, education system, or economy. Some of the brightest, most talented people were born into less than fortunate circumstances. On behalf of many Canadians, please reconsider your changes to OSAP.