Peel Families Against Education Cuts

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The Ford Government in Ontario is cutting more than $1 BILLION from public education. 

What does the government's New Vision for Education mean?

Here is what the Government has already announced:

Here is what the government is still considering changing:

  • Drastic changes to Full-Day Kindergarten. Here are some of the possible changes rumoured: removing teachers, removing Early Childhood Educators (ECEs), removing the entire first year (aka JK), making it half day 
  • Increasing class sizes for Grades 1 - 3
  • Removing teachers from Grades 1 - 3
  • Removing or significantly decreasing the amount of support staff (e.g., Teaching Assistants, ISSP teachers, ESL teachers, Behaviour Support Staff)

What does all this mean?

It means that all students, especially those most vulnerable, will suffer from lack of one-on-one support, larger class sizes, fewer extra-curricular activities, and an increase in the lack of safety within classes. 

What can you do?

  • Tell the government that you don't support larger class sizes.
  • Tell the government that cuts to support staff hurts our most vulnerable children AND decreases classroom productivity and safety for ALL students.
  • Tell the government to leave Full-Day Kindergarten alone.
  • Tell the government to remove EQAO instead of investing millions more into it. The testing is outdated and irrelevant. 

How else can you support?

  • Sign this petition! We are meeting with Mississauga-Erin Mills MPP Sheref Sabawy on Friday, April 5th and will share this petition with him as well as other MPPs in the Peel Region. 
  • Share the link for this petition with friends, family, and neighbours. 
  • Spread the information you have learned to everyone you know! Don't let the government get away with the smoke and mirrors they are presenting! 
  • Wear RED on Fridays to show your support for education ("Wear RED for Ed").
  • Continue to ask questions and seek out ways you can help! 
  • Join us and thousands of parents, families, students, educators, and concerned Ontarians this Saturday, April 6th at Queen's Park to Rally for Education! 


This petition is put together by Canopy Families, a collaborative of family support practioners and families in the Peel Region.