Ontario needs to allow salons to open before they lose their businesses!

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With COVID-19, businesses have been closed and suffering in Ontario for 3 months. We are starting to see a shift and businesses are slowly given permission to open again. With this shift, professionals who have a lot of contact with clients are allowed to open with the correct plan and guidelines in place made and enforced by the provincial government.

Phase 1 states that businesses that can immediately meet and modify operations to meet public health guidance and occupational health and safety requirements can open. This includes massage therapists, chiropractic care, retail stores, and many other places, but not salons. Salons have no more contact with their clients than many of these professionals, but are being pushed to phase 3 of the opening plan, even though by the governments own standards they should be able to open!

Hair stylists and beauty professionals have to go to school and apprentice in their chosen field of work, and part of that education is learning how to sanitize and prevent the spread of disease. They are already trained and prepared to protect the public from infectious disease transmission, both from themselves and others. The Health Department conducts random inspections of salons to make certain they are in compliance with the law, imposing major fines without leniency for any discovered violations. 

Finally, hair salons are often small local businesses and they are suffering under this oversight. Many cannot survive until phase 3 without working and this will damage our local economies. The provincial government has taken care of the big corporations and allowed them to open, while conveniently forgetting the big impact our small businesses have on our economy. 

We need to fight this oversight and tell the provincial government that salons are ready and able to reopen and follow all safety guidelines that are established! We need to save our small, local businesses and fight for our friends and neighbours to keep their businesses. Please, help me by signing this petition and letting the government know that by their own standards, salons should already be open!