Ontario government: Save lives & allow Motorcyclists within the HOV lanes on 400 highways.

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For many years, motorcyclists have been fighting for the right to use the HOV lines on 400 series highways (like the 404 for example). I believe it's time we petition the PC government to open HOV lanes to motorcyclists.

For anyone who has a motorcycle, or has completed a motorcycle course/defensive riding safety course, it is known the furthermost left lane on any highway tends to be one of (if not the safest) lane on 400 series highways, among other highways.

Mostly for the following reasons.

  1. The middle lanes are not safe (traffic on either side, hard to defend), therefore the only options are the furthermost right & left lane (except the HOV lane).
  2. The left lane isn't truly a left lane in terms of safety due to the cars in the HOV lane. Many HOV lane drivers tend to jump out of the lane at unexpected times for fear they may have missed their exit (or the ability to get to their exit). As such, this lane isn't ideal.
  3. The right lane isn't ideal either, as there is oncoming/merging traffic.

This leaves really no GOOD lane for motorcyclists, beside the HOV lane - which is currently not permitted for motorcyclists. Motorcyclists who do ride in the HOV lane risk a hefty ticket when most likely their sole priority is their safety/life.

There are some perks as well:

  • Motorcycles tend to be more fuel efficient than vehicles, which could lead under the Green vehicle initiative (for example, green vehicles are permitted in certain HOV lanes)
  • Motorcyclists take less space, and wouldn't cause as much anxiety to general drivers on the roads.
  • Motorcyclists wouldn't have to deal with *much* merging traffic, and they would only have to guard one merging lane.
  • Since drivers entering the HOV lane tend to be heading for longer distances, there isn't any rush for drivers entering the HOV lane, leaving no "quick" decisions that motorcyclists have to gage/deal with.

If you agree, please do sign. I'm a fellow motorcyclist as well, and would love to see this get passed!

Toronto city council has already passed laws which permit motorcyclists to ride within HOV lanes, among other councils/governments. It's time for the Ontario government to save some lives here, and stand up for the lives of motorcyclists. Something so simple, could have such an amazing impact.

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