Ontario Boat Launches Open to Fishermen

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The Government of Ontario must allow boat launches to be open only to fishermen during the current global pandemic, COVID-19!

Fishing is a great outdoor activity that can promote social distancing, while helping maintain good physical and mental health!

Fishing is great exercise for the main muscle groups, heart and lungs, and also helps with maintaining much needed natural sunlight and vitamin D levels.

Fishing also allows individuals to relax, clear their minds, and restore focus - which are fundamental factors toward maintaining good mental health.

Not only is fishing great for our physical and mental well-being, it is also a great stimulus to the economy with fishermen purchasing fishing rods, tackle, fuel, oil, boat ramp passes, etc. This is essential with our current economy sliding closer and closer to a deep recession!

The Government of Ontario should be promoting healthy outdoor active living activities that allow for, and encourage social distancing. Prohibiting fishing is not facilitating these objectives!

Limiting boat launch access to fishermen only can be accomplished by verifying fishing licenses at the ramp, verifying the existence of tackle and fishing gear on board, and limiting the number of people per fishing boat (for example, a maximum of 2 people per boat).

Ramp officials can also help limit the possible spread of COVID-19 by using current techniques practiced by other currently operating businesses; such as, but not limited to: not accepting cash (credit/debit only), staying 2 meters from all customers, wearing proper PPE if appropriate, washing hands after assisting each customer, etc.

Please sign this petition now to help Ontarians stay healthy and maintain our economy!