Make Pet Grooming Essential

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With the continued restrictions implemented due to the covid-19 outbreak Pet Groomers seem to have been overlooked and deemed Non-Essential. This is an over site as to many pets we are essential.

Aren’t we simply beauty salons for pets? Absolutely not, many dogs require regular grooming to prevent matting which causes skin irritation, over heating, and many other possible health issues. These dogs require regular care especially this time of year. Matting is but one issue that can arise without regular grooming. Ear infections, eye infections, the growth of yeast and parasites. The list can go on and on. Vet clinics do not want to be overwhelmed with simply avoided health issues. 

Some pets require regular baths due to allergies, alopecia, eczema and a number of other health issues. The veterinary clinics are not staffed nor equip to deal with these issues. 

Help us get back to work, sign the petition. Let’s get these dogs ready for summer!