Make Ontario college & university workers essential service workers.

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It's become a regular occurrence in Ontario at the expiry of a union contract for education workers to strike in demand of better pay and job security. In the context of ever rising student debts and course material which stagnates, this is not necessarily in the best interest of the students of Ontario. Time and time again students are forced to wait for governments to step in and end strikes wherein unions demand more than students can afford. Or with our public education system, the entire province is made to put their lives on hold for the benefit of a few.

In recent years the employees at the TTC were deemed an essential service after years of strikes wherein unions sought to abuse their power over the public by demanding increases to compensation disproportionate to the norms of their industry. This same formula is at play in our educational sector. The leverage that is held by the unions is being used as a billy club to extort increases which are subsidized by tax dollars. The power that has been accrued as a result of the growing size of the educational institution has become too large. It is time to legislate binding arbitration as a first step for workers of educational institutions of Ontario.

I am calling on Doug Ford or whoever may be in charge of Ontario after the June election to stop the madness. Deem education workers as an essential service and lets get back to learning in Ontario.