Make fitness center an essential service (even LCBO is one)

Make fitness center an essential service (even LCBO is one)

January 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ankur Jain

Doug Ford recently announced closure of fitness centers for most of the masses, categorizing it in "recreational" activities. Other essential services (including even LCBO) are allowed to be open.

Fitness Center is more than "recreation" for me. I live alone and my fitness goal is that one thing I really really care about. It's what I live for. In fact, I was looking at YouTube videos to better optimize my workouts, when Ford announced their closure today. I have goals. I wasn't mentally prepared for this.

I feel punished because I tried to be as cooperative as possible with all the guidelines so far. I'm careful because more than anything I fear losing a month of workouts if I got COVID. And in return, I get this.

I sincerely believe,

A) It's not fair to treat them as just recreational

  1. Many people have very specific goals and access to a fitness center is a need, and not a recreation for them
  2. Many fitness trainers lose their income due to this closure
  3. For a lot of people, it's what helps helps them keep their sanity and not get depressed
  4. They need to realize people might actually get suicidal tendencies because of this

B) Shutting them down punishes the wrong people and is not even helping address the real problem.

  1. Most ICU patients are unvaccinated people, while fitness centers and most other places for that matter require you to be vaccinated
  2. Most fitness centers require masks, and enforce strict sanitization requirements
  3. What was the point of getting vaccinated if we're still being punished like this
  4. We haven't seen any real data proving fitness centers have been a source of COVID outbreak
  5. We haven't seen any real data showing how many lives have been destroyed because of shutting down fitness centers

With this petition I hope to convince them to treat fitness as more than just "recreation", and at least reveal real, convincing data if they're unwilling to allow fitness centers to be open still.

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Signatures: 357Next Goal: 500
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