Keep veterinary clinics OPEN during Covid-19

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The Province of Ontario is considering closing all veterinary practices as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Care for small animals (such as dogs and cats) is at greater risk than care for large animals (such as cows and pigs) since small animals are not a source of food.

Please sign this petition to ensure that veterinary practices remain exempt from the mandatory closure of all non-essential services and businesses operating within the Province of Ontario during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Should veterinary practices be required to close, the welfare of our pets will undoubtedly suffer.

Where will you go if your dog or cat requires necessary medication?

What will you do if your dog falls and wounds it leg?

Or worse, gets hit by a car and needs emergency surgery to survive?

Or even worse, requires humane euthanization to end its suffering? 

Our communities would be left without options; they would be left with nowhere to go.

This isn't about money. It's not about preventative, wellness-based medicine. It's about ensuring that those who need acute, critical care have the ability to receive it, while the community at large remains committed to taking every precaution needed to keep us all safe and sound.

Our pets often bring the most joy to our days. Their companionship keeps us happy and their need for fresh air keeps us healthy. If the roles were reversed, you know they'd be sticking up for us. It's time to stick up for them, and use our voice for the voiceless.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and, whenever you can, stay home! 

Emma Harris

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