"Lower Hydro Rates, Delivery Charge, and Water Rates in Ontario"

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We all thought the rates for hydro were dropped during isolation to help us.  However, as of June 1st they have frozen the rates for all hours of the day to "help us".  These frozen rates will be in effect from June 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020.  It just so happens that our rates would have been lower if they switched us over to the summer rates.  In short, it seems that we have been given a loan by Hydro only to pay it back now.  This is unjust and is not helping us at all.  Our Premier has always spoken about the injustice of price gouging... well here we are, being price gauged by Hydro.  If anything our rates should be lower and the delivery charge cut in half. Please consider signing this petition to lower our hydro rates, delivery chstg and water rates! We have no other choice but to stay home. ***Emergency ban has also just been extended by 30 days.  Which means, we are mostly still at home and our children are at home.  SIGN AND SHARE. Thank you.