Hazard pay for all essential workers during this time.

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During this time of crisis, all essential workers are putting their lives and the lives of their loved ones at home at risk to continue to provide services to everyone throughout the city of Toronto and all of Ontario. While some employers/companies have taken the steps to give their employers a hazard pay raise during this time, many of us have not gotten anything.  
Everyday we leave our homes to face the unknown at work, will we come in contact with one or more people with covid-19? Will we become ill? Will we transmit covid to a loved one who may not be as strong as we are? The thought of this is very unsettling and frightening for many of us. 
I believe everyone one of us should be getting some sort of hazard pay benefit to continue going into work daily and risking our health as front line/essential workers. 


Please sign the petition and share, and let’s get what we so rightfully deserve during this time!