Doug Ford - Allow Small Businesses to Open With Restrictions

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On December 26th, 2020, all businesses deemed to be non-essential by the Ontario Government will be forced to close their doors to the public. All small businesses are essential, as they provide an income for their owners and the staff they employ. Without revenue from providing services beyond picking up a product curbside, a large percentage of small businesses are on the brink of closing the doors permanently, resulting in a loss of income and bankruptcy for owners and a loss of employment for their staff.

As a business started by immigrants in a small location in Cambridge, Ontario in 2013 that expanded in 2020 to a much larger facility with the intention to provide more jobs and an education to the general public through experience packages, Covid 19 has hit us hard. But the actions of the Government of Ontario have hit us harder. It has taken us seven years to get here and we are ready to open an incredible facility and welcome our community and those seeking an education about it. A second lockdown delays these plans of success once again, since we were scheduled to be fully operational in August before the mandated shutdown in March. So many other businesses are in the same position, having fought and clawed to survive these actions taken by the government.

We ask, along with those who sign this petition, to allow businesses in Ontario with fewer than five employees and ample square footage to be allowed to operate with restrictions in place for the safety of staff and clientele. Unlike big box stores, small businesses have an average of three patrons inside at busy times of the business day, making them far safer to attend than larger retailers. Businesses of this size have been in their own social bubbles for months - as small businesses of this size not only provide employment for families - they are family. 

Please, Premier Ford and the Government of Ontario - truly consider 'the little guy', who is sitting shuttered while large corporations benefit from consumers being driven to concentrated locations in droves, which is affecting the spread of Covid 19 far more than small businesses are. 

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