COVID-19 Ontario Wedding venues should refund couples who choose to cancel 2020

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As we embark a new week going through these unforeseen times of the pandemic many people are unsure of what the future holds. I can speak for many when I say, brides and grooms are uncertain when their wedding will be as we try to focus on staying home, healthy and flattening the curve.

Many venues are offering couples the option to postpone their wedding, however couples should have the option to cancel if they choose. I work as a frontline Registered Nurse, and quite frankly these times have really made me realize what I value most in life and having a big wedding (not that big only 90 guests) and spending thousands (even small affairs are expensive) is not important to me anymore. I would rather get married at city hall and start my life with my fiancé. Although the venue has given us the option to postpone up to 10 months after our original date (June 5th 2020), it does not work for us since we had prior commitments. 

I understand that the wedding venues and wedding industry itself is taking a great loss during these times, but many of them are compensated through government initiatives being offered (in Ontario). Given these unprecedented times, many couples are being forced to cancel (without refund) or postpone their wedding. It is unjust and unethical for wedding venues and vendors to capitalize on such misfortune. Postponements only mean left-over dates that aren't ideal for weddings or don’t work for the couple.

I strongly believe that wedding venues & vendors (who have not provided any service to date), should offer couples a full refund or the option of postponement for couples whose original wedding date was not able to happen due to COVID-19. I guarantee that if venues and vendors offer refunds, couples will be more likely to give them good reviews and recommend their services to others.

Please sign this petition so us 2020 brides and grooms can get our voices heard.