Keep Guy Phillips in office; stop mass hatred, judgement and assumptions!

Keep Guy Phillips in office; stop mass hatred, judgement and assumptions!

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Recently, Councilman Guy Phillips has come under attack for saying "I can't breathe" and people immediately jumped to the conclusion it was a play on the George Floyd incident because one reporter was quick to spin the clip into a racial comment. The truth is the comment was simply referring to the mask being an inconvenience and difficult to breathe in - that was all it meant.

With all the hatred, uncertainty, injustice and unprecedented events occurring, a mass amount of people have taken this opportunity to be angry and give the comment more meaning, as it is so easy to judge a human being. They have decided to link two situations together because it makes for good news and nobody will ever give the benefit of the doubt amidst media scrutiny.

Sadly, at a time when any person would expect their closest friends or acquaintances to support them, they often do the complete opposite. The Arizona Senate representatives, Governor and Mayor have issued statements in an effort to distance themselves from an incidence that had absolutely nothing to do with the George Floyd tragedy. Like many people, they assumed the worst without a moment's hesitation. Unfortunately they and others quickly fall to the trap that reporters set up. Yes it was a poor choice of words, yet it was completely unrelated to race. Sadly, we have all experienced people in our lives turn on us at the slightest misunderstanding.

People are quick to judge and hate; they have been sending death treats, saying words they would never utter in person, on online platforms that keep them safely behind a screen. I have known Mr. Phillips for over 20 years and I know his character and realize it was a dumb comment, but it was about the mask. He is kind, generous, understanding and only wants to help citizens. The rally was not against masks, as it has been played up on broadcasts, it was against enforcing a mandate as opposed to making it optional.

The flyer read "We oppose government intrusion into our personal choice." As a citizen, I know a great amount of people who feel this way too. It is appalling to me how quickly the media can spin something into a diabolical event. People who don't even know Mr. Phillips will be quick to dismiss the truth just because it is easier to be indignant. A reporter's job is to sensationalize an event and this is exactly what happened.

We all know what this feels like, and yet our impulse is to assume the worst, spread lies, create more hatred in the world and forget that we are human and make ignorant comments in our own lives.

Please sign this petition because there are two sides to every story, Mr. Phillips is being targeted unjustly and a man's life should not be ruined by a misconstrued comment. Sign to acknowledge you yourself during your life have said the wrong thing and had others jump to conclusions.